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All my life I have worked to motivate people of all ages to exercise in a playful way and feel joy in doing so, through public employment and 15 years as a self-employed person.

I am an ambassador of the humanitarian association "Land of Hope" and in this connection I have made a number of voluntary extreme sports and charity missions over the years for the purpose of informing about the cause and raising funds.

That means I have run a lot around Europe. In addition, I have a great desire to travel with curiosity about the world and cultures. Wherever I have moved within the borders of my country or in the world, there is garbage everywhere.

After being part of this painful relationship for several years, I came up with an idea that could help change the culture behind the careless handling of garbage and lead to even more sustainable behavior.

Plog and Play and my "sustainable behavior" collection were born, and we are now ready to play with all of you guys and companies with sustainable agendas.

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