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Billede af Nathan Dumlao


Plog and Play are products made from recycled materials and designed for people, who want to take co-responsibility to minimize the CO2 impact and the amount of garbage in cities, in nature and in the oceans.

Plog and Play are sustainable activism with a desire to inspire for sustainable behavior. We believe taking physical action and thereby being the change with body and mind, you will engage in a far wider range making an even greater positive impact on our environment.

By taking physical action we inspire more people by our doings, and thereby inspire more people to join this kind of lifestyle.

We believe we are in a most urgent need of speeding up the process of a way more sustainable behavior to avoid depleting the Earth of resources.

We want to do it with responsible manufacturing and delivery, fair working conditions for all parts in the supply chain and by taking physical action in a playful manner like plogging, by eventmaking and engaging people to join an active movement towards a better world.

We are not THE solution, we are an important PART of the solution and so are YOU!

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