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It is my intention to make every part of the company 100% sustainable and CO2 neutral.

This ambitious goal will not be possible to fulfill from day one, and to be honest, it probably never will. It will be an ongoing process where our focus will be on finding as sustainable solutions as possible to every challenge we face in our work. It is every persons duty, and for so many obvious reasons, to mention a few:

1) Mother Earth is not a planet with infinite resources. We are already consuming far more resources than we can regenerate and/or reproduce.

2) The oceans and our land areas are severely polluted by waste products from our massive overconsumption.

We need to focus on circular economies, where everything we produce is possible to regenerate. We will have to distance ourselves from all single use products.

Check out the section on Sustainability to see how we work with it at Plog and Play.

Sustainability Road

Plog and Play are heading in the direction of true sustainability by sometime in the future to be able to deliver products that are being part of a circular economy. We will keep on struggling relentlessly until arrival, and we will not be part of any green-washing meanwhile.

To claim any product is sustainable takes more than maybe any product are able to live up to today, in our opinion. The situation of the plasticpollution and the CO2 emission is way more serious than telling half the truth and leaking misinformation on sustainability.

We are aware that we have a long journey in front of us, and therefor we have joined forces with a very strong player in sustainable manufacturing in the textile industry, Lime ApS.

We have looked deeply into our conscience to determine whether our products will be able to make an actual difference, which everyone has to due to the massive overconsumption, and we have come to the conclusion that it will.

We believe our Plog and Play products will make a great impact on engaging lots of people worldwide to join in on the plogging movement to decrease the massive litter- and plasticpollution, and to be part of a change of culture moving towards a way more sustainable consciousness.

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Our strategy

Optimally, recycling should be part of the overall circular strategy. However, as textiles have not been established as an effective part of the recycling process worldwide, we will not initially focus on this.

However, recycling can be considered as a long-term goal for the product, and mono-material design and design for disassembly can already be considered in the design now.

For now our focus on sustainability in our products are: 1) Reduce and avoid and 2) Repair and maintenance.

Reduce and avoid

  • Use secondary materials and reduce virgin materials

  • Avoid hazardous and harmful materials

  • Avoid materials with high environmental impact

Repair and maintenance

  • Enable cleaning

  • Enable accessibility of critical components

  • Design for durability

All our products are delivered with a minimum of packaging, all of it in recycled and recyclable materials. Orders and invoices only come digitally to avoid unnecessary use of paper.

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