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How plogging can change your perspective.

Updated: May 2, 2022

For many years I believed I was doing quite alright on sustainability, buying quite a lot of ECO groceries, not eating much meat from four legged creatures, looking for groceries packed in reusable packaging and stuff like that.

Then I started plogging, and I finally realized how screwed up we are, the human race. Now, I see garbage everywhere and I am trying to learn how to enjoy nature once in a while without being tormented by leftover garbage that I feel responsible for removing. It is quite difficult when you finally realize the problem and how much work, me and my plogging companions all over the world, has to do before this part of the broken human mentality is brought back to a respectable level where mother earth stands a chance of not drowning in plastic and other garbage.

In the beginning I started picking up garbage when running. I looked for gear for the purpose because it had a negative impact on both running style and my conscience - it felt wrong buying extra plastic bags to pick up plastic.

Then I started my startup company: "Plog and Play", to fix this problem for myself and people like me who were in need of products to pick up garbage while running, hiking or just taking a stroll in the park.

The idea behind "Plog and Play" is not just to earn for a living, but to do a greater impact on the future and for our future generations. If I can make a living on these kind of products, I will get more time to make world wide plogging communities grow and thrive by inspiring each other to find ways to reach out for more people to join the movement.

I could focus more energy in events putting plasticpollution on the billboard, I could work harder at helping people in need as I already do as an ambassador of Land of Hope in Nigeria and I would be able to support more great causes making a difference as you read.

That was the idea of Plog and Play, but with the plogging followed a growing conscience. I suddenly found myself reading on most packaging of all kinds of products to find the ones using reusable packaging. I always choose the alternative product that not comes with packaging and I now found a small supermarket chain in Denmark, called LØS market, a concept where you bring your own container for whatever product you need a refill of in your household.

These are a few of many examples of how my life slowly adapts to a healthy environmental and sustainable way of living and caring for our world and its misled inhabitants, called human beings.

I call it the snowball effect. It started with an inside motivation due to getting seriously tired of all the garbage I saw when running a lot of kilometers every year, it led to plogging and now I am deep into trying to make as big an impact as possible to change the world for the better, and I want this game changer of an experience to be yours - I do not want to keep it for myself.

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